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Foto: Personal archives


Urša Čuk - rastrLAB

i am urša.
welcome to my space.

Foto: Wendla Schaper

I am a visual and digital artist, researching computer graphics technologies in my practice. I am interested in various media of creation, especially photography, graphic design, video, and audio-visual projections. In my work, I explore the interrelationships between visual images and sound. I combine photos, video, and digital textures into the final visual works. Most of my visual images come from looking at a dystopian future that reflects the real-world situation.


is this the reality that we want to live in

time is an illusion made by humans


the end is nearer than we think


the fragments of space and time

Fragments of space and time

Solo exhibition at JallaJalla/ July, 2022

We live in the illusion of an utopian present that is turning into a dystopian past. We are not aware of our transience. We evaluated it in terms of time to make it easier to understand. Our essence is arrogance. We think that everything revolves around us and that the image of the universe is made according to man. However, our end of time is drawing nearer. When our downfall becomes more real, which is completely insignificant, then we will be aware of our transience.

rastrLAB visuals

Under the stage name rastrLAB, I am exploring the world of live visualizations (VJs).

Monstrumental, Hostel Celica / July, 2022


Graffiti Jam x VJ graffiti, Ljubljana Street Art Festival, / July, 2022


Sahareya, Zorica / August, 2022


Foto: Personal archives

2022 Animate the future, AR Poster Exhibition, Festival Animateka/Animated Women, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2022 KOHLEBERG-KUNSTWERK - 200.22, audio-visual performance and projection mapping for the 200 year anniversary of cole mining in Zasavje, Mašinhaus, Hrastnik

2022 VideoDvorišče.10, Screening and talk: “best music video” category, with an emphasis on experimental approaches and ideas, Galerija Škuc, festival Tresk, Ljubljana

2022 Artopolis: Sodobna neskladja, group exhibition, Galery Škuc, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2022 Fragments of space and time, solo poster exhibition, JallaJalla - AKC Metelkova, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2022 Graffiti Jam x VJ graffiti, group audio-visualni performans, Ljubljana Street Art Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2022 Maze of expressions, group exhibition of young queer artists, Ljubljana Pride, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2021 Gibanje skozi lečo, group audio-visualni performans, ŠKUC - Kulturni klub Q, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2021 Artopolis: Novi trg, group exhibition, ŠKUC - Kulturni klub Q, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2020 Dimensions (animiran avtoportret), Festival Animateka/Animated Women, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2020 20 years of Pride in Ljubljana, Group multimedia exhibition, Ljubljana Pride, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2019 Imaginary Cities (digital fabrication), British Library London, London, United Kingdom

2015 What about love solo photography exhibition, Cafe Kolaž, Ljubljana, Slovenija


My professional career led me to graphic and video design. I am currently employed as a creative graphic artist at the company PRO PLUS, where I create visual content for shows of in-house production of the POP TV program (Slovenia got Talent, Your Face Sounds Familiar, Štartaj Slovenija). I often intertwine my career with my interest in art.

Slovenia Got Talent, Maša Ferme (video is property of PRO PLUS / November, 2021


Graphic design idea for club Monokel / August, 2022

As a photographer, I had photographed many events including Ljubljana Prade Parade, Drum and Bass Conference, and many sports events such as Basketball Camp Boštjan Nachbar, GPC Slovenia.


DNBK, Metelkova, Ljubljana / October, 2019


DNBK, Metelkova, Ljubljana / October, 2019


Monstrumental, Channel Zero, Ljubljana / June, 2019


Freekind, Ljubljana Pride Parade, Ljubljana / June, 2022


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Foto: Personal archives

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